Academic Degrees How Do They Work

Academic Degrees: How Do They Work?

Hello, in this article we will cover how academic degrees work. We bring the summary of each academic degree.

University graduate

Undergraduate courses constitute the first stage of higher education training. Through it, you can get bachelor and or bachelor degrees.

Bachelor degree

The baccalaureate traditionally prepares the professional for the industrial, commercial and service sectors, where he will apply the knowledge gained in the course in specific activities. By becoming a Bachelor, you will be able to work in the job market. Practically in all areas? Exact and Technological, Human, Arts and Biological? One can get a bachelor’s degree.


The degree, unlike the baccalaureate, will train teachers able to work in secondary and high school. The teachers you had or have at school have probably had to go through a degree course in their respective fields to pursue this profession.

Postgraduate studies

It comprises master’s and doctorate programs open to graduates in undergraduate courses and comprises undergraduate courses aimed at some specialization. An example of a postgraduate degree is the Master Business Administration (MBA), which even being considered a master’s degree abroad, is classified in some countries as a specialization in the area of ​​Administration.

Master’s degree

After graduation, the graduate has the opportunity to continue his studies in postgraduate courses to develop and deepen the acquired training.

The Masters Degree may be the initial option for those wishing to pursue an academic career, but it is also sought to improve professional qualifications. The student wishing to enter a master’s degree is required to have proficiency in another language, usually in English. Masters courses can last up to 3 years and to complete, the student needs to develop a dissertation on a chosen subject.

Doctorate degree

The Doctorate is traditionally focused on the academic career. The course prepares students to perform in the research field, making knowledge on a particular subject deeper. The doctorate degree is obtained after the elaboration, defense and approval of a thesis developed by the student himself. This defense goes deeper than the master’s defense, usually a new theme is proposed, a study of something not yet addressed. The doctorate course can last up to 5 years.

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