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Masters Degree Programs in Public Health

Masters Degree Programs in Public Health

Hello in this article we will cover about Masters Degree Programs in Public Health.

Public Health seeks to improve the health conditions of citizens through equitable and effective access to health services, promoting healthy habits, effective management of public policies, among others.

Master of Public Health

It offers comprehensive preparation with tools and skills that enable practitioners to address public health issues with a global perspective that enables them to deliver health services with the quality and appropriateness needed.

This program seeks to provide training in line with changes in society’s external and internal environments and in line with scientific and technological progress. All this through theoretical knowledge, case studies and exercises that enable the student to progress in understanding public health in its main areas of action.

Master of Public Health

The fundamental objective of the Master Program in Public Health is to train specialists from different disciplines in the broad field of Public Health, who are able to address, from various perspectives, the health problems of the population through promotion interventions, protection and restoration of community health.

The MA aims to contribute to the formation of a high level academic program, which enables students to develop reflective, critical and humanistic thinking, both for those who have a clear interest in specialization with a broad and applied focus, and for students. recent graduates looking to start at any of them.

Which institutions offer masters in public health

Below you can see the institutions that provide masters of public health in Europe.

Scholarships for Master of Public Health in Europe

Applications are open for the “EUROPUBHEALTH” Master Program in Public Health in Europe, promoted by the European Commission. Applications for the excellence scholarships available (whose amount has not yet been reported) can be completed until January 15, through the site.

How Europubhealth Works

The program, which follows the model of other Erasmus masters programs, can be carried out at 8 renowned European universities from different languages ​​and up to 3 languages ​​(see list of participating institutions here). With a two-year public health focus, students will be able to study at least two of the program’s eight partner educational institutions.

The first year can be held at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, the Andalusian School of Public Health in Granada, Spain, the University of Liege in Belgium, or the University College Dublin in Ireland. In the second year, the student must choose from six specializations in Poland, France, the Netherlands or Spain. The full list of courses at each institution can be found here.

For the 2020-2022 school year, scholarships of excellence worth up to € 46,000 will be distributed over the two years, as well as additional scholarships especially for the best students in some priority regions – including Latin America. This amount covers the costs of participating in the program, up to 3,000 euros in air tickets per year, an installation allowance of 1,000 euros, and an allowance of 1,000 euros to help with living expenses.

How to apply for the Master of Public Health in Europe

Candidates who can demonstrate proficiency in English, Spanish and / or French, with a degree in medical or health sciences, social sciences or engineering. The application for the scholarships is made simultaneously with the application for the program.

Documents required for application include:

  • Copy of passport;
  • CV in the Europass model;
  • Letter of motivation (in English, maximum 600 words);
  • Copy of the diploma (in English);
  • Academic background (in English);
  • Certificate of proficiency in foreign languages ​​(according to the chosen universities; see more information here);
  • Two letters of recommendation;
  • Proof of address;

With these documents, you can apply for EUROPUBHEALTH via this link by clicking on the option “… for students from a partner country”. Check here for more information about the procedure.

About Erasmus

Erasmus + is an international cooperation program, created in 2004 and funded by the European Commission, which enables the mobility of students in higher education. Thanks to scholarships, students and researchers from around the world can exchange or even complete their education at some of the best European universities.

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