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Want to do a master’s degree without leaving home? See if there are any options in EAD mode!

The use of technology for education is one of the major milestones of the last decade. With the use of computers, smarthpones, tablets, ebook reader and other internet-enabled devices, many opportunities have opened for those who wish to study.

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With the master’s degree, this was no different. Therefore, throughout this text, we will address this issue so that you are more confident in choosing to specialize online. Check out:

Does Masters EAD exist?

By answering this question shortly and roughly: yes, distance masters exist. This is therefore a great opportunity for those who would like to further qualify, improve their knowledge and gain advantages in the job market.

The master’s degree is a type of postgraduate that focuses more on the development of scientific research and advanced professional training.

The novelty here is that it can be attended without the need to attend class. This is a great advantage because after graduation we are usually focused on working, and reconciling employment with the routine of studying and commuting to university is not an easy task.

Types of Masters Distance Learning

For you to make the right decision, you need to know the types of distance learning masters that exist. See below:

Professional Master’s Degree

The professional master’s degree is more focused on enabling the student mastering in-depth information within the chosen area, in order to prepare him to put this knowledge into practice in the job market.

Distance Masters Degree

In the academic master’s degree, the objective is to lead the student to deepen his knowledge in order to improve his researcher look. In short, it is a way to direct the student to the doctorate or to become a university professor.

Benefits of pursuing an online masters degree

Saving time and money: You don’t have to go to university often for classes and study. This saves you money by not having to spend on transportation or waste several hours in traffic.

Time Flexibility: You can organize study time to fit reading and exercise activities within your routine.

Best Prices: Distance learning courses are more affordable for those who cannot afford a high price.

Follow-up and review exercises and assessments: You have ongoing support from an online tutor who can answer your questions and discuss issues. In addition, exercises and activities always have feedback, which increases learning.

How does the distance learning master’s degree work?

In order for you to understand what the routine of a distance learning master is like, you also need to know that there are two modalities, which we present below with details:

Online Master

Typically, in distance learning masters the activities focus almost entirely on the virtual environment. Classes are held over the internet, materials are available online and the submission of assessments and exercises is also done through the computer.

Nevertheless, there is a need to attend a university support center in person for some activities. This is a requirement of the Ministry of Education itself, and usually these meetings take place at the beginning and end of the semester.

Masters Distance Learning

In this type of master’s degree, there is a mix of online and classroom activities. This is still a good alternative, especially for those who cannot attend classes daily.

It is also a good option for those who are not very disciplined to study alone and have difficulty organizing without the demands of teachers and face-to-face interaction with them. In this case, the student has access to most subjects online, but needs to attend one or two classes per week in some support center.

Does the distance learning master’s degree have the same validity as the presential?

Distance learning masters are regulated by the Ministry of Education. Because of this, the requirements made for its operation are the same as those in-person.

The workload to be met, the frequency the student needs to have, the qualifications of the teachers, the subjects and other issues are also set by the government. Thus, there would be no reason for the distance learning diploma to be different from that of the presential master’s degree.

That way, regardless of whether you have taken a distance or in-person master’s degree, the title you will get will be the same: the master’s degree.

Where to do masters at a distance

The first step here is to start a search to find out which universities near you offer Masters Courses. You can inquire at public and private institutions. Just take a look on the internet.

Are you thinking of doing a master’s degree at a distance? In which area? Tell us here in the comments!

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